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Hey There!  

Welcome to my about me page, if you’re here right now it must mean you don’t know that much about who I am, but you want to find out what makes me, me.



I’m Allison, a girl who loves a challenge and is ready for anything that life dishes out.

I'm here to follow my passion and dive into the crazy and fun world that is strategic communications. What means is I’m the girl who loves words, gets excited to write long papers, and judges every product I buy based on their marketing and design tactics. By this point, you either totally get where I’m coming from, or you’re wondering what planet I’m from and how I got here. I’ll let you know right now, that planet is the Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute, which is pretty much like its own universe, so you’re not wrong.


If I’m not doing school work you can usually find me at Busch Stadium bleeding Cardinal Red, or obsessing over my pride and joy that comes in the form of a red and white Border Collie named Gatsby. If you ever ask me if I really follow baseball, or tell me you don’t believe my dog is a border collie,  I’m silently judging you.


My hobbies include short walks that lead me to iced coffee or tacos, inappropriately long binge sessions of Gilmore Girls, and finding ways to casually show pictures of my dog to people who’ve never seen my dog. I know what you’re thinking, man this girl should probably get out more, and you’re not totally wrong.


TLDR: I’m a confused caffeine addicted 20 something-year-old girl who loves writing blog posts and is obsessed with dogs, and tacos… Who would’ve guessed?

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